Things to consider when choosing a pottery wheel!

There are household objects that have not fallen into the centuries of non-existence, but accompany us through the centuries to the present day. Any museum of ancient art will present ceramic products of masters of pottery, surprising with its beauty and uniqueness. Using clay to make dishes began at the dawn of the formation of human consciousness, the primitive way of modeling gradually changed, accumulated experience in manufacturing and the real heyday of skill came in the thirteenth century. At that time, most types of ceramics were invented.

The technical development of the pottery wheel

The process of inventing new types of clay products has also affected the improvement of tools and aids used in the manufacture of clay products. Initially, the difficult process of modeling by hand, then a simple circle was used, and finally a foot rotation method was invented, the principle of which has remained unchanged until now, with small modifications.

The choice of pottery wheel for beginners with the foot method of rotation of the circle, made it possible to work on the product with both hands. A slight improvement contributed to the production of more and made it possible to implement creative ideas. Work became not only household items, the product turned into works of art worthy of decorating the royal feast in the past and surprising representatives of modern civilization, its perfection of forms, brightness of colors and beautiful painting, today.

The improvement of the general welfare, improvement of the standard of living made it possible to return to the opportunity to express themselves with the help of products with their own hands. Today, everyone can show their vision of the world, their inner understanding of being expressed with the help of handmade art objects. Creation is possible in any field, but in recent years, more and more people are discovering pottery, which is becoming not only a hobby, but if desired a source of income. If you decide to devote yourself to this activity, you must provide yourself with everything you need. The question of how to choose a pottery circle is becoming a topical issue and requires a decision.

What do you need to know to make the right choice

Buying the right thing is never easy. The market provides a lot of goods to choose from. The first impression after reviewing the list of goods provided, they are almost all the same. How to be, what to do, how to make the right choice?

Recommend buyers with experience, with experience in acquiring really necessary and useful things:

  • Take your time, get ready to go shopping, study the available material on the description of this category;
  • seek advice from professionals in your field;
  • decide how professionally you will do it, what kind of activity (at home for yourself, in children’s, adult studios) or engage in manufacturing on a production scale;
  • approach the issue of buying not only from the economic side, but also from the perspective of comfort and durability;
  • give preference to a company with a proven reputation, read the reviews;
  • study the technical part of the product, have a general idea, have a good bonus in the arsenal, you can understand how competent and honest the seller is.

What to give preference to, what to choose

The manufacturers offer, and we choose. The main requirements for the purchase: safety, reliability, efficiency, maintainability, quietness, comfort during work. With the general requirements are determined, we proceed specifically to the purchase. Pottery wheel which to choose to meet all the basic requirements listed above. Let’s look at what manufacturers offer us. In the market there are both imported models, and domestic production, such as the Bell Manufacturer. Today, the prevailing pottery circles with electric drive, with manual or foot drive to buy from an industrial manufacturer now it is impossible to simply do not produce them. Of course, the obvious advantage of electric drive makes the choice easier.

Which type of actuator to choose

Pottery wheels with electric drive: friction; belt drive or gearbox; direct drive. Note the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Electric friction drives

  • Advantage: high reliability, low cost;
  • Disadvantages are: difficulty in speed control, the cumbersomeness of the liquid transmission system, frequent replacement of wearing parts (rollers).
  • Recommended for beginner masters

Electric drives with belt drive or gearboxes

  • Advantage: the collector motor is easy to operate.
  • Disadvantages: Increased noise level, worn out brushes in the collector.
  • Recommended for those with skills at work.

Direct drive electric actuators

  • Advantage: absence of transfer, intermediate device allows to make a circle of compact sizes, to reduce weight and dimensions, noise level, smooth adjustment of speeds, possibility to receive any fixed speed of a plate (rotation both clockwise and counter-clockwise).
  • Recommended for professionals.